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Stretcher Frames in Poplar or Pine 




Milliken Bros. have been making stretcher frames for over 30 years. Throughout this time we have been continuously striving for perfection. To ensure our customers receive the highest quality products we prepare all our own timber in house. In doing so we can enforce strict moisture content parameters, ensure timber is planed to the exact dimensions required and that it is absolutely straight. We avoid storing stretcher bars in stock to prevent any bending or warping that may occur. Our stretchers are manufactured in small batches by highly skilled machinists. Quality control is built in, with testing carried out at each stage of manufacture. When you place an order with us, you can be sure that we have made it for you from scratch and we aim to provide perfection

We make stretcher bars both from pine and from kiln dried poplar. Poplar, also known as tulipwood, has been used in stretcher bar manufacture for centuries. It is a strong, lightweight hardwood that is very resistant to warping and splitting. Our 19mm bars are available in lengths up to 760mm (30"). All other depths are available in any length, with the exception of the 22mm poplar and pine available up to 6' only. Cross members are added to any bar over 910mm (36"). 

We make stretcher frames to order in both poplar and pine. Our bars are available in the following standard depths;

Poplar                                        Pine

19mm    (5/8")                           N/A

22mm    (7/8")                           22mm    (7/8") 

32mm    (1 ¼")                          32mm    (1 ¼") 

38mm    (1 ½")                          N/A

48mm    (2")                              N/A

We employ rigorous quality standards and manufacture our bars any length to increments of one millimetre. Beech wood wedges are supplied with every frame

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