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Milliken Bros. Terms and Conditions.

Milliken Bros. is committed to ensuring that we conduct our business in a manner that is beneficial to you our client whilst protecting your rights. These terms and conditions explain our policy on placing an order, shipping and insurance and returns and refunds. If we change our terms and conditions any changes will be posted on this page without notification. Questions regarding these terms and conditions should be directed to Milliken Bros. via our contact form: Placing an order The following terms and conditions of sale apply to all orders placed through this site, orders are processed on the understanding that you have read understood and willingly comply and agree with the following : 

  • Milliken Bros. (Herein referred to in these terms & conditions as the supplier) will not be liable for any costs to any person or persons making an order (Here in referred to as the the purchaser) whatsoever if the purchaser fails to comply with any of the following terms and conditions of sale: 
  • The purchaser must not knowingly or unknowingly purchase from the supplier any product which it is illegal to purchase own or import into the Country, State or County to which the purchaser requests delivery. 
  • Any out of stock item that would cause an unacceptable delay in fulfilling an order will be notified to the purchaser by the supplier via email for their information This email will include instructions on available options for the purchaser. 
  • The purchaser agrees that the delivery address must be the same as the purchasers. 
  • The supplier agrees that Credit card payment will not be applied until orders are completed and ready for shipment. 
  • The purchaser agrees that no order will be made on behalf of any third party who cannot comply with any of the above terms and conditions.

Shipping and Insurance 
Delivery cost includes total loss insurance (i.e. non delivery or lost shipment) Damaged deliveries must be declared at the time of receipt to the courier and the delivery slip signed "Damaged Goods" The purchases agrees to pay the shipping costs including return shipment fee if for any reason delivery is refused at the delivery address. The purchaser agrees to pay any additional import or customs duty if required by the customs officials of the country into which the purchaser has requested delivery.

Refunds and Cancelled Orders 
The supplier agrees to a complete refund less shipping and packaging costs within 14 days providing that the purchaser returns at their expense unopened and in new condition to the supplier any goods received from the supplier Please note this covers stock items only and does not apply to bespoke products manufactured to specific requirements and dimensions if returned these will be subject to a 50% handling charge. 

The purchaser certifies that by placing an order with the supplier that the purchaser has read understood and complies with all of the above terms.