Milliken Bros.

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Introduction to our Panels

As with all our painting supports, our panels are made to order. We manufacture panels in any size to the millimetre. Where necessary, cross members are added to the cradling frame to prevent any tendency to warp. To order a birch wood panel or for an exact quote please order in our online store.

The use of wooden panels as supports for painting dates back to the earliest beginnings of painting. The panels we manufacture are constructed from top grade five ply birch wood and are highly regarded.

To minimize the risk of the plywood warping all our panel surfaces are fixed to a poplar cradling frame. 

The overall depth of the panel is normally 25mm or 38mm however we can manufacture birch wood panels to any depth. The panels are sanded by hand, resulting in a seamless, perfectly smooth surface. Panels can be primed by hand at an additional charge.

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